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April 11, 2019
My family has a long history with Bluenose Well Drilling. My mother had them drill a well for her back in 1999. I had them drill my well for me in 2001. After 20 years of uninterrupted service, my Mom's well needed a good cleaning. I contacted Bluenose and made arrangements for them to do the job. After 20 years, nothing has changed with Bluenose. The same great family owned and
operated business. in fact two of the original staff that drilled the well back in 1999 were back to do the cleaning. Even though the submersible pump was 20 years old, it was operating fine and in good shape. They didn't try to sell me a new pump. They did the job efficiently and quickly. Very pleased with Ralph Jacob's and his staff! They are knowledgeable, experienced, professional,
courteous, innovative and trustworthy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bluenose Well drilling.
Dave Balcom


“I cannot say thank you enough to Ralph, Sherry and everyone involved, between the drillers, the backhoe and the electrician for the wonderful job done to get us up and running with a new water supply. From being very professional, fitting us in between meeting with another customer and the constant communication which was very important. I would and will totally recommend this Company. You couldn’t ask for more. *****
Thank you!
Robert and Julia Creaser”


Bluenose Well Drilling;

Pinedale Park Subdivision Resident Community Water Service

We had the pleasure of having Ralph and his crew get us set up for a drilled well. During the beginning to end of this job you could not ask for a better outcome.
We were in a terrible situation with regards to our source of water supply and heading into the holiday and freezing ground, we
needed a fix asap. Bluenose to the rescue, within the space of 10 days our well was drilled, hooked up and water running.
During the process Ralph and his crew along with Sherry in the office kept us a breast of steps that took place and guided us thru this
murky situation answered all our questions and provided support to calm our fears. The service support after has been wonderful. I highly recommend the services of the Bluenose Well Drilling. Price is not determining fact when it comes to service although other companies quoted on this huge job, service was important to me along with other residents in the neighborhood and Bluenose has been true to the word for the after-service support.
Lisa Ferguson 

Pinedale Park Subdivision Prospect Bay NS


This is a wonderful company, that delivers on what they promise. Our area was on a 'community well', that sprung a leak. The well services a number of homes, and is at least 50 years old. Finding the leak turned out to be next to impossible, so we all found ourselves scrambling for solutions. I am so very happy that I made the correct choice, and picked Bluenose Well Drilling to be mine!
It all starts with Sherry, in the office, who is so very helpful and informative! She ensures the communication chain stays intact, and keeps everyone in touch.
Ralph is fantastic, as are all the guys that came out to do the job. Within a day and a half, I had a well! They were very reasonably priced, did an excellent job, had to take down a section of my fence to trench to the house, and you would never know the fence came down. They kept the mess to a minimum and completely cleaned up everything when they were done.
I noticed a little trickle of water in the basement near the water pipes a couple of weeks later, and after crawling around with a flashlight trying to find where the water was coming from, I gave up and called Bluenose, thinking maybe there was a loose connection. Once again, they were awesome, and came out to have a look. The water had nothing to do with their work, but they found where it was coming from for me, and were kind enough to show me so I could have it taken care of. 

I have nothing but good things to say about this company, and the great team that makes it work.
Sherry Ostrov


I would like to complement Ralph Jacobs and his team of well drilling and support personnel for their outstanding customer service. I
recently had Bluenose Well Drilling rejuvenate my aging residential water well and was extremely pleased with their performance and the end result. The team was conscientious, professional and exceptionally efficient. I  would highly recommend the organization to anyone looking for a reputable, competitively priced well drilling and servicing company.
Dan Gibson, Fall River, NS


''Mr Jacobs and Staff,
On behalf of the Mooseland Association, we would like to thank you for your generosity in making our project a reality. Many thanks to your staff that was very helpful.”

Mooseland Association, Halifax.

"Mr Jacobs and Staff,
My husband Ralph Forman and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your quick and timely manner in helping us with our well  issues. In February this year we ran completely out of water. We were running out every so often after having our well predrilled by another company in February 2006, which cost us thousands of dollars and having to use our retirement money to pay for it. About 1 year and a half, I was not even able to wash clothes due to running out of water. So for about 3 years I had to take our clothes to my mom’s to wash every week. I want you to know how thankful we are to God for knowledgeable and experienced and honest people like you and your staff who are very few and far in between in this world. Ralph and I seem to have lots of water now and I am able to wash laundry at our home now and truly what a blessing that is. We take so much for granted, until one day when we don’t have it anymore.I also want to let you know that I have let our neighbours know about your company in case they run
out of water. I told them that Ralph and I highly recommend your company and one of my neighbours said that they would definitely consider your company if they should ever run out of water." 

Ralph and Betty F, Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia


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