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How much water is necessary to run a household?

The actual depth of a well will depend on the volume of water encountered. Additional well casing may be required to ensure that the water supply is sufficient for a household of 4. A household of 4 people requires 250 gallons of usable water per day on an average.

What is the difference between a dug well and a drilled well?

A dug well depends on the quantity of surface water as a result of rain, snow and ice. A drilled well is supplied by water sources beneath the earth’s surface in the formation and gravel beds that have been existent for many years. A dug well is considered as a seasonal well. Dry weather in summer and frozen grounds in winter both affect the productivity of water flow.

Where should my drilled well be placed on my property?

All wells will be drilled according to the policies set out by the Department of Nova Scotia Environment and Labor which take in consideration the following boundaries - public road, property lines, septic system, building, neighbour’s drilled well and septic system.

At what stage of construction do you normally drill?

It is best to drill before the foundation is in place.

When do I call a water professional?

When changes occur in the quantity or quality of your water, call a water professional.

What is involved in inspecting my well and can I do it myself?

There are some steps you can do yourself such as:

Make sure the cap is securely in place and water tight
The vent screen in intact and not clogged by vegetation growth
Ensure that connections in the well casing are properly sealed and surface drainage near the well is directed away from the well casing
Visually inspect that surface water does not pond near the well and that the well pump and distribution system is functioning properly, with no leaks

How do I know if I am hiring a certified well expert?

Under the Well Construction Regulations, all persons constructing or repairing water wells must be certified from the Department of the Environment; you can ask for their certification number.

Is there something I can cover my well with that is attractive?

Decorative (mock rock) rocks are available to cover your well casing. 

Does Bluenose Well Drilling Ltd sell other items?

Yes! We sell everything you need to maintain your well.

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