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Contact Bluenose Well Drilling in lawrencetown (HRM) Nova Scotia Today

Bluenose Well Drilling Ltd is located in Lawrencetown (HRM) Nova Scotia and provides reliable well drilling service. We are a full service company which takes care of all your well drilling requirements. From installation to servicing, we can take care of it all. We also provide warranty on our products. We have an extensive set of equipment operated by skilled technicians. Expertise with reliable services makes us a trusted choice in the HRM area.


We provide free estimates for you to get an idea. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.

Contact Us


Bluenose Well Drilling Ltd

2371 Lawrencetown Rd

Lawrencetown, NS, B2Z 1L7


Phone : 902-829-2474

Fax : 902-829-2795

Toll Free : 1-866-945-2474

Email :



Monday - Friday
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday
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