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  • Drilled wells both residential and commercial
  • Well testing
  • Monitoring wells
  • Pump installation
  • Rehabilitating older wells
  • Extending well casing
  • Running liners
  • Cleaning of old wells
  • Drill for Geothermal
  • Surging wells to increase water flow
  • Abandonment of water wells
  • Water system sales and repairs

Our Services:

No Water Pressure!!

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It is the homeowners responsibility to ensure that the Drilling Contractor is at least 50 feet away from any source of contamination. Example: older septic systems, dug wells and drilled wells below the surface. The necessary 50 feet includes the distance from neighboring septic systems.


An owner of a private drinking water well is responsible for the protection of his well. Proper protection includes regular testing of the well water. Each year the well water should be tested at a provincial licensed laboratory for at least bacteria, nitrate, and sodium.

Your Responsibility:

Water wells are a very important part of the HRM, many families rely on natural water sources for there everyday use, therefore, wells should be maintained and should be tested on a regular basis to make sure you are drinking good clean water.

Your Well:

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When Well Driller A provides you with a quote that is much lower than Well Driller B you might think you are

getting a great deal, but a great deal does not necessarily equal great value.

Serving All of the Eastern Shore and Mainland Nova Scotia.

Bluenose Well Drilling is a family owned business serving the Eastern Shore and mainland Nova Scotia.  Ralph Jacobs, owner/operator, has been serving the water needs of Nova Scotian's since 1974. 


Ralph has a background in both the oil and gas drilling industry as well as the water well industry.  Ralph established Bluenose Well Drilling as a small operation and quickly saw it expand to employ a 6 team drilling crew who are all certified drillers and pump installers.

Our History:

Our reputation speaks for itself!!

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At Bluenose Well Drilling, we operate 2 Schram drilling rigs, 2 service trucks and 3 pump installation vehicle.

We provide our customers with free estimates on water wells.

Overflow Regulations:


It is mandatory in Nova Scotia to prevent all Overflows according to The Department of the Environment (DOE) regulations that an overflow packer must be installed bya professional installer to ensure regulations are met.


With our experience, competitive rates and excellent customer service, we're the team to meet

 all of your water needs.  Give us a call today for your FREE estimate!

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